Create a super finder Microsoft flow

Last month I showed you how to create a flow that finds flows containing a string in their title. Indeed I have hundreds of flows (most of them test flows) in many environments and I lose track of them.

Now I did upgrade this flow to be a bit more powerful : indeed my first need was the following : I  wanted to see all flows connecting to a specific SharePoint site; afterwards I wanted a way to find all flows having a specific string in their definition (their code), and so on.

If you think about it,  this is actually an important IT need.

No Let’s take a look at how my super finder flow works and then I’ll show you the code (and you can download it).

Use case 1. You want to see all flow connecting to a sepcific SharePoint site


Use case 2. You want to find all flow containg a specific string in their title, like ‘sign’


Use case 3. You want to see all flows using SharePoint:



Then your flow loops through every flow in every environment, analyze each flow code and tries to find the string reference. Then the flow sends you a report :


Let’s take a look at the code, which is quite simple

Here is the high level view of this flow:


The Apply to each environment action is implemented like this :


more details  (click to enlarge):



You can take a closer to the flow and use it by downloading it here .


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