Return info from Flow to PowerApps : you can always use the Request action !

In previous blog post I’ve illustrated how to return single or set of values from Flow to PowerApps by using the Return to PowerApps action.

As illustrated in another blog post, you can return list of values by using the Request action as long as your schema and the associated properties are “typed”.

What I want to illustrate here is you can also return simple JSON  & single value data from Flow to PowerApps; if you are a JSON addict like me you can take a look at the following flow:



The generated schema is very simple:


On the PowerApps side:

event though we don’t use the Return to PowerApps action in Flow, we can still grab the returned value :


The returned value is stored in a record :


…and we can still grab the properties :


…and it works :


So for advanced users I don’t see the real benefit of using the action Return to PowerApps because it is limited to single values (even though list of values can be hidden in single values) and it is not really much easier. I will stick to the Response action which is more powerful and more flexible.

For less advanced users however the return to PowerApps action is nice because they don’t have to deal with JSON.

2 responses to “Return info from Flow to PowerApps : you can always use the Request action !

  1. Does this method get around synchronous response limits? My flow takes longer than the allotted 2min that powerapps gives for responses.

    • not as far as I know. When something takes more than 2 min. I ask the user to check his email to get the returned info (or a link to the returned info). …when this pattern makes sense of course. What is your specific scenario?

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