OData Filters on nested Objects and Microsoft Flow

Last week, Kent Weare from the Microsoft Flow team illustrated the usage of the very convenient and elegant oData Filter in Microsoft Flow. Read his blog post to have a good background on OData and Flow.

As a follow-up of this blog post I would like to get a little bit deeper with a more specific example that I had to solve last year : filtering on a nested field like the e-mail address of a SharePoint Person column.

If you have the following SharePoint list with 2 columns of type Person or Group : Managee and Manager


…and your flow needs to retrieve the Manager of ‘serge luca’ (sergeluca@redwoodsl.onmicrosoft.com).

The oData filter query will be the following :


How did I know this ?

Use the Get items action in your flow without using any filter, debug it and check the output JSON : we get something like this :


so Managee/Email is the good filter syntax : indeed Email  is the nested field and its  path is Managee/Email.

…and yes the Eq operator is very case sensitive 🙂     Managee/email won’t work 🙂


3 responses to “OData Filters on nested Objects and Microsoft Flow

  1. In the image of the OData filter you have “Managee/EMail” but in the text of the article it is listed as “Managee/Email”. It is actually the “EMail” that works with the filter. I have been banging my head against this for the last day and the image in your article fixed my problem. When I use “Email” I get a bad gateway error, but using “EMail” works.

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