Document collaboration in Outlook Web App (O365)

Last month, the O365 team shipped a very nice document collaboration feature in Outlook Web App. This is a very nice step and I love it even if I believe that working together on one central document (in One Drive xxx) is much more efficient.

Read the following post to discover it ;


The benefit here is that we keep the conversation and the document in sync, but I’m convinced that the future Yammer integration in the document management system will be the best solution.But here we have a quick & dirty solution that works today.

Now what is still missing to make that really usable in the real world are basically:

  • track-changes : we need to know who changed what and where.
  • Support for Outlook Rich client : well, it is supposed to be richer, right ? so far we could do more with the rich client; now there are things we cannot do; this will be confusing for many users.
  • Support for external partners who don’t have O365

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