SharePoint 2013 & SharePoint Online : bug in “Per-Location view settings”

If you want to use folders (and…yes this still makes sense in many situations), and if you want to associate specific views with specific folders, you can leverage the “location view settings” option of the document library…Well, you still have to wait that the product team fixes the following annoying bug.

Let’s say I have a document library named “documents” and I’ve defined 2 views : “View 1” and “View 2”.

And what you want is folder 1 to use View 1 by default and Folder 2 to use View 2 by default

First you have to activate the site feature Metadata and Navigation Filtering.

Next , in the document library settings, select the option Per Location  View settings 


When you click on the Per-Location view settings option, the following window will show-up and select “No”  for the option “Inherit view settings…” :



Then select Folder 1 and define view 1 as the default view :


Select Folder 2 and set view 2 as the default view


To check if that works, go to the document library, click Folder 1 and check the view : it is “All Documents” –> BUG


Select folder 2, check the same option : the default view is still “All Documents” –>BUG.


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