SharePoint 2013 and Folders in Document Set : why I needed it…

I love Document Sets; really ! In many situations most of our documents are grouped (or will be grouped) with other documents.

I’ve noticed that few people are aware that SharePoint 2013 allows folders in Document Sets.

And that can be useful; let’s take an example :

Since I’m a speaker, several weeks ago I decided to create a kind of template in order to organize the documents relate to session that I gave. And since I work with another speaker it was becoming urgent to follow the same rules. So I defined the  Session Content Type derived from a Document Set ; for example, for each session, I create the following list item in a document library :



When I click on Session, the following form shows-up:


I can provide the session Title and the associated technology covered by the session :


Then a document set is created; the document set contains 3 sub folders (I’m not a fan of folders, but in this case, it is very convenient) :


Each folder automatically contains dynamically created documents; for instance the presentation folder will get the following files :


How can we do this ? well you can just define a content type derived from Document Set, and then go to Document Set settings :


Specify the Content types allowed in the document Set , and down below specify folder names, the content types allowed in the each folder and the associated file name :



That’s it ! As simple as that !

Enjoy SharePoint 2013 !

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