Sharing SharePoint Online/O365 with external users (bug? or feature?…)


You can find my previous posts related to O365/SharePoint Online and external users here, here and here.

But here is something new :

We have noticed today that when we share an Office 365 SharePoint site with external users, the users might get different types of e-mails :

For instance (as User1) my e-mail address in my Office 365 tenant is  and I’m sharing a SharePoint site  with another user ( and another one (User 3)


User 2 will get the following message :


However, user 3 still receive the message from Microsoft and not from the sergeluca :

Here is what user 3 will receive (in his  gmail address) :



The first (major) difference here is that User 2 gets a message from sergeluca, and User 3 gets a message from Microsoft : very annoying because this message could potentially be considered as a spam.

The second difference is that User 2 is encourage to follow the site. But I don’t see the point: indeed User 2 is an external user and as such, doesn’t have a personal site with a newsfeed…


It looks like the first type of message is supposed to be sent to internal users (member of the tenant)-> so what ?

Why does O365 send 2 types of messages to external users ?

I don’t get it…

The third difference is that User 1 (the guy who shares the site), is in cc of the user1’s e-mail (and that is great since we have a trace of what we share), but not in user2’s e-mail.


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