SharePoint 2013 Save as a Template: Notebook bug and Composed look bug

I just found and fixed the following 2 bugs:

when you save a site as a template in SharePoint 2013/Online

  • Bug 1° the link to the notebook doesn’t work
  • Bug 2° the composed look doesn’t work


I will show you how to fix them. Let’s start…


Bug 1 : Broken Link to Notebook


Let’s start for the begining : I have 2 site collections  where I create a site, I save it as a template and I reuse the template in a second site collection:


Create a basic team site

Save the site as a template and keep the content (If you don’t keep it the One Note Notebook won’t be recreated when you create a new site from this template).

Now go to the the other site collection, import the template, activate it and create a new site from this template : when you click on the Notebook link :


you get this:


If you go to Site SettingsQuick Launch


and if you select the associated url:


You will quiclky notice that the url passed to the wopi server (Office Web Access) is wrong and is still pointing to the previous site collection


So you need to change it; how ?

Go to Site Content and display you Site Asset library : then click on the notebook


Grab the new Url :



and paste it in the quick launch.


Bug 2. Composed Look doesn’t work



You get only one theme (and sometimes nothing)



To understand and to fix that go to Site SettingsComposed looks :


and you get an empty list of theme:


The list is actually empty because the links are broken; to visualize them, create a new datasheet view…and miracle !


The links are still pointing to the previous site collection;

Fix them up :


For instance, let’s fix the Orange theme


Save it and change the look : the Orange theme shows up



One response to “SharePoint 2013 Save as a Template: Notebook bug and Composed look bug

  1. I’ve noticed today that the bug is not limited to the notebook link.
    I have sites with menu items referring to pages in the original site template instead of referring to pages in their own site. I haven’t figured out how to reproduce it. The site I use to create the site template has two menu items with identical links in it.

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