Confusing : “Skydrive is not Skydrive is not Skydrive Pro…but actually it is”

If you use SharePoint 2013 and if you take a look at your workstation file system, you might notice the following (blue) folders :SharePoint and Skydrive Pro :


The SharePoint folder allows you to synchronize document libraries of any SharePoint sites with your workstation

The SkyDrive Pro folder allows you to synchronize your mysite document library with your workstation.

For instance, here is what I have in my SharePoint Folder


The reason is that in the “Partner site”- document library called “Documents” and in the “Pure team Site” – document library called “Documents”, I’ve clicked on the Sync button


which invokes an application installed with Office 2013 called Sydrive Pro and which is the successor of SharePoint Workspace (which itself came after Groove).

Skydrive Pro can be accessed here in windows 8/7 Desktop at the following place :


And here is what I have in my Skydrive Pro folder


Now as mentioned by Patrick Guimonet, if you have one or several subscriptions to O365 or SharePoint online, you will have one skydrive pro folder (with a different name) for each tenant.

To complicate the matter a little bit, we can also have a free storage area when we have a Microsofoft account, this storage is also called …Skydrive and can also be synchronised locally by using a (free) application call…Skydrive.

Here is what I have on my (production) workstation :


  1. SharePoint hosts the sync of SharePoint doc libraries (not associated with the MySite)
  2. Skydrive hosts the space associated to my hotmail account.
  3. SkyDrive @Redwoodsl hosts the “MySite” synchronisation of my Office 365 tenant.
  4. SkyDrive Pro hosts the sync of my On Premise MySite.

I know it is confusing, but don’t shoot the messenger.


2 responses to “Confusing : “Skydrive is not Skydrive is not Skydrive Pro…but actually it is”

  1. Good explanation. I hadn’t tried syncing multiple Skydrive Pros on one machine yet. What happens if you synch multiple SharePoint libraries not on your my site?

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