Welcome to the World, SharePoint 2013 & Office 2013 !



It looks like everybody in the planet is aware that Office 2013 and
SharePoint 2010 Preview are available this week and can be downloaded here and here .

I had the opportunity to watch the live announcement from the Microsoft France Offices this week.

You will find plenty of posts describing many features of this amazing product, but to keep it short:

  • The IT Pro web site (TechNet) for SharePoint 2013 can be found here with an interactive course here.
  • The Developer web site (MSDN) for SharePoint 2013 can be found here and the training material here.

My first advice if (like me) you are a developer and if you want to start playing with the new toy is to create 2 Virtual Machines : 1 Domain Controller (allocate less than 400 MB Ram) and 1 VM with SharePoint (allocate at least 6 G Ram) : indeed several features (like the Workflow host) don’t work on a Domain Controller Machine.

My second advice is to strictly follow the guidelines described in the following article to setup your dev environment before creating apps; otherwise you will get the infamous error message in your ULS log file: “An App domain must be configured prior to completing this operation”.

My third advice is to install SQL Server 2012 with SP1 (before installing SharePoint) if you want to test the new Business Intelligence functionalities of SharePoint 2013; the link I provided gives you the full package (SQL Server 2012 with SP1) so don’t install the RTM version of SQL Server 2012 followed by the SP1.

My fourth advice is : don’t hesitate to ask a question in the 2013 forums (see below). I’ll be there to help.

The 2013 forums :

The Office 2013 preview forum for IT Pros on TechNet:

The Office 2013 Preview forum for Developers on MSDN:

SharePoint 2013 Preview forum for IT Professionals on TechNet:

SharePoint 2013 Preview forum for Developers on MSDN:



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