SharePoint Azure Training kit : a couple of problems

A few weeks ago I started working with the Windows Azure training kit, which is pretty interesting, but a faced a few problems (actually I wasted a day on the first one):


Problem 1 :

When I tried to exposed my WCF Service to Azure and When I tried to create a Business Connectivity Service External Content Type based on it , SharePoint Designer 2010 couldn’t find my EndPoint.

I had to install the following hotfix


add the following behavior (as described in the doc, but I didn’t read it)

   <behavior name="<name>">
          <add scheme="http" port="81" />
          <add scheme="https" port="444" />


This is “fixed” with .Net 4 , but not .Net 3.5…


Problem 2 :

When I tried to use the Azure ApprFabric Service bus (with SharePoint), I got the following error :

Azure Service Bus Error – System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: Invalid element in configuration. The extension name ‘transportClientEndpointBehavior’ is not registered in the collection at system.serviceModel/extensions/behaviorExtensions

Indeed, my VS project has been based on the .Net Framework 3.5, which required me to

1°point to another Microsoft.ServiceBus.dll assembly



2° register this new dll with GacUtil /i

3° run RelayConfigurationInstaller.exe /i



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