delegates explained to SharePoint 2010 developers

I’ve noticed that many people attending my SharePoint courses don’t always have the knowledge of delegate/ anonymous methods/lambda expressions.

Here is how I explain it in 1 page

//myDelegate is a type pointer on a function that takes
//an int and returns an int

    delegate int  myDelegate (int x);

    class Program
        static int Test(int x)
           return  x+1;
        static void Main(string[] args)
            myDelegate f = new myDelegate(Test);  \\C#1.0
            myDelegate f1 = Test;   \\C#2.0
            myDelegate f2 = delegate(int x) { return x + 1; };  \\C#2.0 anonymous method
            myDelegate f3 = ((int x) => {return x + 1 ;}); \\C#3.0 lambda
            myDelegate f4 = (( x) => { return x + 1; });


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