SharePoint 2010 “Save as template” (what is saved, what is not saved)


Save as template in SharePoint 2010 generates a news WSP (solution package) that can be deployed somewhere else

The following artifacts are saved:

  • Lists
  • Libraries
  • External Lists
  • Data source connections
  • List views and data views
  • Custom forms
  • Workflows
  • Content Types
  • Custom Actions
  • Navigation
  • Site pages
  • Master pages
  • Modules
  • WebTemplates

It is a pretty good idea to save a site as a template, to reimport it in Visual Studio 2010 and to pick up the SharePoint item you need; I do that all the time and that rocks.Therefore the browser becomes a nice developer tool (notice that you cannot use Save as template if your site includes publishing features).

The following artifacts are not saved 

  • Customized permissions
  • Running workflow instances
  • List item version history
  • Workflow tasks associated with running workflows
  • People/group field values
  • Taxonomy field values
  • Publishing pages and publishing sites
  • My Sites

Save a List as a template generate a STP file (more complex to reimport that from Visual Studio 2010).


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