Sharepoint 2010 and (MOSS): bug in variation "

[Update 9/2/2011 : this bug has been fixed in the 2011 June CU.]

It looks like we’ve found a new bug in the Sharepoint 2010 & MOSS variations.

Symptom: Error message= “”The settings for this list have been changed. Refresh your browser…”. when saving a publishing page.

Reproducing the bug

1.Create a new publishing site.

2.Create 2 variation labels like Dummy and French for instance;set the Dummy web site as the variation root; create the variation hierarchy as usual




3.go to the target (French) site and edit the page and keep the browser windows open


4.In a new browser windows add a new page in the Dummy site


5.Save and publish this new page.

6.Start the Variation Create Page job

7.Save and close your French Page.




8.To have a better understanding of the issue, open the Microsoft.Sharepoint.dll with Reflector.

Select the Microsoft.Sharepoint.Control namespace and go to the class BaseFieldControl which is the base (abstract) class used for rendering the standard add and edit forms :


Select the OnLoad method, and below, you will notice that (arrow 1) when the Vesrion property of the current SPList is stored in an hidden field (and is cached in the form) ; in arrow 2, we can notice that the cached version valued is compared against the SPList version; if they don’t match, the list is supposed to have been changed.



My understanding is that any time a new page is created, the variation job increments the target SPList, which doesn’ t make sense here:the schema has not been modified, we just have a new new page. Surprise, surprise….


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