sending a document set to the record center : bug

It looks like when you try to submit a Document set to the Record Center by using the Send To functionality, the document set is stored in the Document Center drop off Library but cannot be routed: indeed, as illustrated here :


Now the Document Set (based on a content type named “Testrecord” is sent to my drop off library: but very strange it is packaged as a .zip file


And moreover, my routing rule doesn’t “route” it as expected; if I take a closer look at the drop off library, a content type named testrecord(Packaged) has been associated with the list


And my file (, is really associated with this new “Packaged” content type :


That is probably the reason why the Document set is not routed.

Also, I noticed that my Testrecord(Packaged) content type doesn’t show up in the list of content types (in my site settings-Site content Types), the reason is that it is stored in a group called _Hidden, even if the Hidden property of the content type itself was false as illustrated here (I’ve used Sharepoint Manager 2010 to visualize it):


Of course, the group name can be modified (by using Sharepoint Manager),the content type will be visible and can be modified in the Content Organizer rule.

However, I really think this should be fixed –>this is bug and I will report it to Microsoft.


6 responses to “sending a document set to the record center : bug

  1. Thank’s for sharing this issue! I followed your detailed steps with SPM but my routing didn’t work either with a special content organizer rule for the packaged content type (by using a different group name to display it as suggested). Did your routing work as expected after defining a rule for the packaged content type?

    Furthermore I defined a rule for the Document Set content type itself. And I was wondering why the rule was displayed in the content organizer rules as “Document Set (Packaged)”. Routing also didn’t work in this case…

    Thanks in advance for your updates on this issue! m.

  2. I guess the document ID feature must be activated at the record center site collection level; I’ve noticed that when I create a new site collection with a record center as the root site, the document set routing works; and of course the document ID feature is automatically activated.
    I will investigate again…

  3. Thanks for your quick reply.

    Your blog has been a great help to me over the years.

    Good news is that this is working for me now with a content organizer. I enabled the Document ID service and it started to work overnight with the timer job.


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