Sandbox features, sandbox declarative workflows

1.I just noticed that when we deploy a sandboxed solution with a feature with a scope=site, the feature is automatically activated (like a farm level feature in a non sandbox solution), however, when scope is web, we have to activate it manually.

2.In my (stupid) mind, declarative workflows were running in the sandbox and workflows created by Visual Studio run in full trust mode.

To checked that out, I created a Sharepoint Designer workflow and I deactivated the Sharepoint Foundation SandBoxed code service, but I was still able to run my declarative workflow—> declarative workflow don’t run in the sandbox !

That said, I ran across the following picture in the sdk


Sharepoint workflows can be deployed in a sandbox (I wonder how), but always run in full trust mode in the workflow engine.

I knew that we could create Sandboxed custom activities (custom actions must be defined as SandboxedFunction=true and must be created in a sandbox Visual Studio project)


  • when a sandboxed custom action is invoked by a declarative workflow, it is probably hosted in the sandboxed process and is invoked synchronously.
  • when a full trusted custom action is invoked in a declarative workflow, it is deployed into the Gac, doesn’t run in the sandboxed process and is invoked asynchronously.


Can we run a declarative Sharepoint workflow in a sandbox ? No

(the other question is “can custom declarative workflow run in Sharepoint online?”, I guess yes, they are quite safe as long as we use sandboxed custom activities).

I guess (and hope) that in the next version of Sharepoint, we will be able to deploy and to run code based workflow in the sandbox…


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