Sharepoint 2010 (Publishing editor) Bug: don’t mix up web parts and reusable content in publishing field

[6/09/2011: Update : this bug has been fixed in the June CU]

Found a new Sharepoint 2010 bug : we cannot mix-up Reusable content and Web Parts in a publishing field.

This bug has been submitted to Microsoft.

We can reproduce this bug in the Information Worker VPC. Here are the steps:

1. Create a new web site based on the Publishing Portal template or on the Enterprise wiki.

2. Go to View All Site Contents, click on Reusable Content

3. Add a new Reusable Text content and save it :


4. Go back to View All Site Content

5. Select Pages and add a new Page based on the Article Page content Type-Select the Body only Page Layout.

6. Click on the generated page and move it to Edit mode


7. Move the cursor to the Page Content field; In the Editor menu, select Insert Reusable content and add the content you did previously



8. Add an existing web part or an existing list (like Documents) after the reusable content.


9. Click on Save & Close and here is what you get : the reusable content is lost



2 responses to “Sharepoint 2010 (Publishing editor) Bug: don’t mix up web parts and reusable content in publishing field

  1. In your example it’s another bug that you need to submit to Microsoft: the item you created here have the option “Show in drop down menu”=false, but it’s still visible in the drop down menu …also tried in my own environment to hide an item in drop down menu from reusable content list and was impossible. The “Show in drop-down menu” it’s a dummy option…it’s not doing anything….for the moment…

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