Create a Powershell command that downloads a Sharepoint Solution package from a Sharepoint 2010 Solution Store

You can download the source code from Codeplex, but we will create it from scratch.

In this lab, you will create a Powershell Cmdlet that will download a Sharepoint Solution package from the Sharepoint Solution store.

1. Start Visual Studio 2010 and create a new Class Library; delete the Class1.cs; name the project DownloadWsp.

2. Make sure the .Net framework 3.5 is selected and that the platform target in the project properties is Any CPU.

3. Add a reference to the Microsoft.Sharepoint assembly.

4. We need to add a reference to the System.Management.Automation assembly which is installed in the Gac, but not available in Visual Studio by default. Add a reference to System.Management (which is showing in the reference list).Save the project. Edit the project file with notepad and change "<Reference Include="System.Management" />" to "<Reference Include="System.Management.Automation" />.

5. Now we will create our custom Cmdlet : add a new public class (it is not public by default) , name it DownloadWspCmdlet and derived it from PSCmdlet; resolve the namespace:


1. Define 2 public properties WspFileName and StoreTo that will become the Cmdlet parameters by decorating them with the Parameter attribute:


2. Override the function ProcessRecord is the code that will run when the Cmdlet will be invoked:


3. Resolve the namespace Microsoft.Sharepoint.Administration.

4. We can also define the verb and the noun to use in order to invoke our Cmdlet :decorate the class with a Cmdlet attribute :


5. Now we need to create a SnapIn which is a class derived from PSSnapin :create a public class named DownloadWspSnapin, derive it from PSSnapIn and decorate it with the attribute RunInstaller:


6. RunInstaller is defined in the assembly System.Configuration.Install, ad a reference to this assembly.

7. PSSnapIn is an abstract class, implement its members:



8. Rebuild the project, add the generated dll into the Gac.

9. Run InstallUtil.exe against your dll; you will find InstallUtil.exe in the following folder :



10. Start a Powershell console and add the new snapin:


11. Test your Cmdlet by invoking Download-SPSolution in the Powershell console:


Code can be download from Codeplex.


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