New (last ?) Release of the Visual Studio 2008 extensions for SharePoint 1.3


Michael Washam (MSFT) announced today in the sharepoint newsgroups the last release of the Visual Studio Extensions for Sharepoint 1.3 CTP.

I’ve used this tool since its first release in 2007, but the upgrade from 1.2 to 1.3 provides major improvements and is (now) really usable.

This is probably the last release of the venerable VSeWSS before Sharepoint 2010 and the Sharepoint developement tools that will be part of Visual Studio 2010.

By the way if you watched the Sharepoint 2010 sneak peek video, you probably noticed that VSeWSS projects can be imported in Visual Studio 2010.



New features of VseWSS 1.3:


  • The extensions now install on x64 bit OS. Visual Studio 2008 and SharePoint must be already installed.
  • Command Line Build option for TFS and MSBuild integration
  • Separate WSP Package and Retract commands. You can now build the WSP without deploying it
  • SPSolGen to Support Exporting from Content Management Publishing Sites
  • New Item Template for RootFiles Deployment
  • Automatically Remove conflicting existing features on development SharePoint server
  • WSP View New Feature Dialog Improvements: scope, receiver checkbox, element checkbox
  • WSP View can now be used to merge features and it blocks site features being merged into web features
  • Allow adding separate binary files such as Workflow assemblies
  • Some refactoring allowing for Web Part renaming and removing lines from feature.xml Item Removed
  • Allow selection of GAC or BIN deployment for Web Part Project not including CAS generation
  • Increase visibility of hidden features that VSeWSS creates
  • Add fast update deploy for DLL only or file only changes to solutions
  • Numerous Bug Fixes and improvements to error messages

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