Calling Sharepoint Dlls from C++ code


I spent most of the nineties  in the C++ world with the venerable MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) , ATL(Active Template Library) & its famous smart pointers.

I recently had to answer a question in the Sharepoint newsgroups related to using Sharepoint dlls in C++:  I jumped on it as a kid in a candy store (to be honest my current candy store is Sharepoint 2010).

This is what I did:

Create a new CLR Console Application project :



The following code is generated :



Add a reference to the Microsoft.Sharepoint.dll :





Define the Microsoft.Sharepoint namespace:



Write your C++; since Sharepoint classes are managed classes, you have to use the new gcnew operator and you don’t have to call delete.


Run the application :



Don’t forget, Visual C++ is the only compiler that allows you to mix-up managed and native code (we call that IJW or “It just works”); and this without the overhead of the PInvoke layer.

This is quite simple, but it’s not your grandma’s C++ compiler anymore.


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