Small update to my Download Sharepoint solution package utility uploaded to Codeplex


just a simple bug fix.This utility allows Sharepoint administrators and developers  to download a solution package from the Sharepoint solution store (for instance to compare it with another one); I’ve recently faced this situation: we had a solution package in our staging farm, but we wanted to compare the files (features) with our development code.

I’ve created 2 versions of this utility : a Windows Form version and a stsadm extension .


Run the Windows Form version on the Sharepoint farm




Select a package and click on the “Download package” button, to bring it to the file system.Easy ?


To use the stsadm version :

  1. register the DownloadWSPStsadm.dll into the gac..
  2. copy the stsadmcommands.downloadwsp.xml file to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\CONFIG
  3. run the stsadm –o downloadsolution option with the –filename and –storeto parameters as described in the picture below (the destination directory must be created before running the command)



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