Reusable content in MOSS

It is strange, but I’ve met many Sharepoint guys  who had no idea of what Reusable Content was.

Hands on !

Let’s go to our collaboration portal and move the home page to edit mode :


Edit the content of one of the field and the Rich Html editor will show up :


Move the cursor to the following button in the toolbar :


We can insert content defined in a central location which is actually the following list (select view All Site content ) :


The Reusable content list allows 2 content types : Reusable HTML and Reusable Text :


Let’s create a Reusable HTML object :



Click on the Edit Content option, add some text :


You can notice the checked Automatic Update option in the previous picture.

Let’s get back to our home page and add the content in our field.


Select the content, Click on OK and publish the Homepage; you will get this :


If you change the Reusable content, all the references will be updated



Easy, isn’t it ? I know that some people would like to get reusable content across several site collections and in the master page 🙂


One response to “Reusable content in MOSS

  1. did you mean that the reusable content.. us people have to make up a article out of the reusable content or is there any tool that will make it for us?

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