MOSS 2007 : search on content type


Several people have asked me recently how to focus a search on a content type.

In this post, I will describe the different steps to follow in order to achieve this.

1.Go to your Shared Services Provider Administration page:












2.Click on “Search settings” :













3.Select “Metadata property mappings” :













4.In the Metadata property mappings windows, select the Content type property :







Check the option “Allow this property to be used in scopes” :




5.Define the scope by clicking on the Add rules hyperlink :



6.Make sure Property Query is selected; in the Add property restrictions textbox, select “Content type” and provide the value of the Content type, like “Document” for instance :



7.Go back to… and select the “Start update now” menu option :


8.Go to your portal Administration Settings, select Search scopes :








You scope will be part of a list of unused scopes :


9.Select the Search Dropdown display group and tick the “documents scope” scope; click ok.

10.Go back to your portal, refresh the browser (F5 in IE) and the new display group linked to the new scope will show up.


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