Sharepoint : problem when we update a file during a checking in




Recently, somebody asked me to add version history to word documents stored in Sharepoint. The word documents were docx files, based on the OpenXML format. This was a great opportunity to try the new OpenXML sdk 2.0 CTP (I’ve used a lot the Package & PackagePart classes in the past).

I decided to create an event handler overriding ItemCheckingIn method of the SPItemEventReceiver class and to a table in my OpenXml document (fig 1).


Fig 1.Overriding ItemCheckingIn and modifying the document

Then, after having associated my event handler with a document library, checking in a document generated an exception (fig 2)


Fig 2.Save Conflict exception when we update a list item during a Checkingin


To check my code, I’ve tried the following tests (without success):

  1. I’ve commented the AddTable() function –>same error
  2. Instead of Update, I’ve tried SystemUpdate() –>same error


Then I decided to override the CheckedIn event instead of the Checkingin (fig 3)


Fig 3. Trapping the ItemCheckedIn event


When I checked in, I got the usual window asking to to select the version (fig 4) ; here let’s select 0.2


Fig 4. Version selection , selecting 0.2


When I clicked on the document, indeed the version history shows up (fig 5).


Fig 5.Version history in the word document

But when I checked the version history, I’ve noticed that the system had created an additional draft version (fig 6).


Fig 6. version history: an additional draft version created.

The real culprit is the call to the SPFile::SaveBinary() function (see fig 3); it seems that there is no way to bypass it ! I’ve tried several things like removing the call to SaveBinary() and calling Flush() and Close() on the stream the file was not modified.

I hope that we will find a elegant way to achieve this in Sharepoint vNext.


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