New job: moving to sharepoint@devoteam



After spending 2 years at U2U as a Sharepoint and Workflow trainer with Patrick Tisseghem (we all miss you, Patrick!), I’ve decided to join the ECM business unit of the Devoteam group where
I’m the Sharepoint practice Manager of a young and enthusiastic team of
Sharepoint developers, but still I remain a Sharepoint trainer.

This ECM unit of Devoteam (based in Leuven, Belgium) is specialized in 2 products :

  • LiveLink from OpenText  (a leader in the Gardner magic ECM Quadrant)
  • Sharepoint (another  leader in the Gardner magic ECM Quadrant)

    OpenText plays a very important role in the Sharepoint story by providing among others a real archiving solution to Sharepoint (far beyond the record center), provides some vertical solutions on top of MOSS.

We are specialized in fixed price projects (we believe in our team) and we recently won a big contract in the Netherlands. If you need some help on your Sharepoint project, don’t hesitate to call our ECM sales guy.

Several years ago, Devoteam took over Guidance, a well known training center based in Brussel (I worked for Guidance before going to U2U) and the R&D unit of Nokia Siemens Network.

And yes, I’m still a Sharepoint trainer: our training center, Devoteam-Guidance, uses the Ted Pattison Sharepoint training material which is excellent.

See you at Tech Days where we have a booth. And if you show me that you are interested in Sharepoint, I’ll let you try our Segway !

In the meantime, I’ll be heading to the MVP summit in Redmond.



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