Around the world : 2 weeks in Asia with the Oba team (Redmond)

Last month, I spent 2 weeks in Asia working with/for the Office Business Application team (Redmond) in Asia; 1 week in the Philippines (Manila) and 1 week in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, aka Saigon). It was a kind of Oba/Sharepoint evangelization and also Train the trainer training ; the feedback was excellent; we did the same session before in Paris and Beijing last year. The oba team attended my courses and it was so fun. Oba seems to be very popular in Asia. 30% of the training was focused on Client_side development and patterns (VSTO 3.0) an 70% on server side technologies and patterns (MOSS+ link with the client).

Contact and feedback with/from companies and people was crucial for us.

For more information on Oba and the Oba patterns, read this article and don’t forget the famous oba central site.

And what about a picture of the Oba team with Bill Gates ?

Guys, I’m falling in love with Asia ! I’ve rarely seen so friendly people (this human aspect reminds me of Africa where I was born and grew up). I need to get back there ASAP.

Small strange detail, I’ve noticed that filipinos (at least the guys attending my training) eat all the time and never use a knife : they use a spoon instead ; the same in restaurants.





Oba Train the Trainer session (manila)


Oba Train the trainer (MS office, Ho Chi Minh)


Oba Train the Trainer session (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)


Relaxing with the Oba team (Redmond) and the MS Vietnam team


Ho Chi Minh


Ho Chi Minh


Ho Chi Minh


3 responses to “Around the world : 2 weeks in Asia with the Oba team (Redmond)

  1. Hello Serge,Your pictures of Ho Chi Minh City remind me a lot of good souvenirs ;o)Did you drive a motorbike in the daily traffic ? How about the food ? Did you try Durian fruit ? :)))Steve

  2. Hi Steve,
    food was excellent; and indeed, I\’ve tried Durant fruit + Dragon fruit : probably much much safer than driving a motorbike 🙂

  3. I hope you would like to Beijing to watch the Beijing 2008!

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