Teaching the Oba Train the Trainer in Paris with the Redmond Team


the last 2 weeks have been very busy : I’ve prepared the OBA Train the Trainer session that I had to teach last week in Paris for Microsoft.
This course has  been created by Patrick Tisseghem for Microsoft.
OBA means Office Business Application (see: www.obacentral.com and Office Business Application Portal) and that is really what I like : building real applications from existing building blocks like Office client, .Net, Sharepoint, Open XML and several nice patterns.
Very exiting was the fact that some members of the OBA team (Redmond) like Joanna Bichsel and John Graham attended my course (see picture below).
Thank you all for attending this Oba session. My next Oba session will probably take place in China next month (my first trip in China).
In the meantime, I’ll continue my work with MS learning to finalize the Windows Workflow Foundation (beta) certification exam.
On the other side, I have many many scenarios in mind about using  Workflow Foundation in OBA apps, I’d really need to work 30 hours a day.
And this week, I’ll be in Denmark  to teach a Sharepoint course for U2U…


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