Teaching Entlib(Enterprise Libary) 2 + Entlib3 + some Workflow Foundation

Enterprise Library(Entlib) 3.0 has been released a few days ago with more AOP : the Dependency Injection Application block.
I have to teach the UArch course (patterns workshop) for U2U next Monday: this course is normally based on Entlib2 so I think it’s a great opportunity to take some risk by making the jump to the new version (Entlib 3.0, a major release) .
I’m struggling to understand the new Policy Injection   + the Validation Application blocks; very fun.
I’ve made a small quickstart sample that will be  published on this blog.
Wait, I will also give a presentation of the Web Client Software Factory with the PageFlow Application block which uses Windows Workflow Foundation as the flow service. A lot of fun (and a lot of work to put everything together).

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