Office 14 and workflows (or “sharepoint the never ending story”)

will this platform include a new version of the .Net framework ? v.4.0 ? and then a new version of Windows Workflow Foundation ? probably…It seems that we’ll have a first beta in 2008. I cannot wait to put my fingers on it (but will have to)

"Business Process and Business Intelligence
Objective: To make the right information available throughout the business process.
Emphasis: Microsoft plans to make it easy to find, analyze and use the expertise and data hidden within an organization and its business systems to make better informed decisions both personally and within a time, all while continuing to work within the context of a business process or workflow. Office "14" plans to bring "B.I." to the business process itself as opposed to having it as an isolated as-needed activity.

Office Business Platform
Objective: To make it simple to build client and web-based business applications.
Emphasis: For corporate developers, Microsoft will be delivering a platform on which they can easily build and deliver rich solutions that incorporate workflow, business system integration and Office client familiarity. A couple of examples offered up in Office "14" planning include Declarative Programming and improved Business Data Catalogue (BDC) integrations. "


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