MSDN speaker & terrifying migraine

Sorry, I haven’t blogged in weeks because I was very busy on my Workflow Foundation Course and because I worked a lot for Microsoft on several stuff.
On Tuesday, I was (sharepoint 2007) MSDN speaker for Microsoft Belux in Luxemburg which is something I enjoy doing.
It was a terrible day: indeed, at 8.30  AM a TERRIFYING MIGRAINE (with aura) triggered, just when I was setting  up my notebook. Usually this happens once a year to me.
Here is the normal sequence (tested for years):
1°0-20 minutes : pretty visual effects.
2°20-40 minutes : nausea + vomiting (sorry)
3°40 minutes-8h (yes, hours!!!) : vomiting + terrible headaches.
My first intention was to cancel the event; I immediatly took my drug ( and took refuge in my car.
People were very understanding. After 30 minutes, miracle !!!  sequence 2 (nausea + vomitting) stopped  (it never happened in 20 years !!!)
So, I decided to go back to the event room, and I delivered the session (not in good shape, but anyway) in french (morning) and in english (afternoon).
Oh boy !!!

2 responses to “MSDN speaker & terrifying migraine

  1. I enjoyed your presentation (afternoon) very much and I am glad that your migraine stopped since a collegue of mine often has the same problem and I know how bad that is.
    Best wishes

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