WWF (workflows)

I’m almost in the middle of the WWF hands on labs (for more details go to www.windowsworkflow.net);
so far, I’ve done labs 1 to 4 (there are 10 labs);  I try the understand the concepts with the orange book "Presenting Windows Workflow Foundation") ; pretty interesting technology wich will be a pillar of sharepoint 3.
The main question will be: when shoud I use or not  WWF. So far I cannot answer since there are so many ways to handle state  and sequence diagrams; for instance the Gang of Four suggest the State machine pattern with one abstract class for each state; it’s also possible to use a state table in the database,…
We also have to take into account long running transactions (in human workflows, for instance) , and here WWF allows to persist (load & unload) a workflow from/to the db (or any other datasource ) thanks to the persistence service.
I’m still looking for a killer WWF application, even if it’s a no brainer that I will find it in Sharepoint 2007 in the incoming months…

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