Requirement Analysis and University Of L-L Neuve

strange; I recently came across a paper of the Belgian University of Louvain La Neuve :
"From Object Orientation to Goal Orientation: A Paradigm Shift for Requirements Engineering"
And somewhere in this paper I read "we started from higher-level,
general, declarative and precise statements of intent rather than generally overspecific,
operational and often imprecise descriptions of operations achieving goals left
implicit. Use cases emerge at the last step of our method as aggregations of the operations
that operationalize functional goals assigned to software agents."
But isn’t what Alistair Cockburn try to suggest with "Summary Goals", "User Goals" and "SubFunctions" (or Kite Level  ,Sea Level and  Fish Level Use cases ) For more details , download the following powerpoint :  , and take a look at slide number 56.

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