a new version of PetShop : version 4

A new version of Petshop has been released last week by Microsoft : here are the key changes :
*System.Transactions: Allows faster processing of transactions and easier deployment without use of the COM+ catalog.
*Generics: Allows  to return strongly typed collections of objects as opposed to the IList collections in .NET Pet Shop 3. Enables easier coding since Intellisense will recognize the typed objects in the collection.
*ASP.NET 2.0 Membership Service: Provides a common user authentication and management framework that can dramatically reduce code associated with creating and maintaining user account information. Allowed  to use pre-built user authentication and registration controls instead of writing them from scratch. The end result is less code to write for login, login status, user identity, user registration, and password recovery.
*ASP.NET 2.0 Profile Service: Replaces use of the session object for user-specific information such as the shopping cart. Provides a transacted, cluster-safe store for user session information that can be maintained across multiple user visits to the site.
*ASP.NET 2.0 Master Page: Provides a new technique for maintaining a consistent look and feel for an entire Web site, and makes it easy to apply global changes to the look and feel of a site across many pages simply by updating the Master Page.
*ASP.NET 2.0 Wizard Control: A new server-side control that provides a simple way to implement a step-by-step process. We used it to reduce the amount of coding in the checkout process for Pet Shop 4.0.
ASP.NET 2.0 is the SQL Cache Dependency: Allows middle-tier object caches to be invalidated automatically as backend database information changes. This will work with SQL 2000 at the table level (as we did with PetShop 4), and with SQL Server 2005 it can also work at the individual row level. With this feature, cached database information can always be kept up to date while still taking advantage of caching to reduce load on middle-tier and database servers.
*Asynchronous Order Processing Option via Messaging: While not a .NET 2.0 feature (also available in .NET 1.1), we extended PetShop 4 with the ability to optionally use messaging via MSMQ and System.Messaging versus using standard synchronous transactions directly to the database. This decouples the order process for the orders database, providing an added degree of reliability and potentially scalability.

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