comparison sharepoint services & Sharepoint Portal Server 2003

Windows SharePoint Services is a collection of services for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 that you can use to share information, collaborate with other users on documents, and create lists and Web Part pages. You can also use Windows SharePoint Services as a development platform to create collaboration applications and information-sharing applications.

SharePoint Portal Server 2003 is a scalable, enterprise portal server that is built on Windows SharePoint Services. You can use SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to aggregate Windows SharePoint Services sites, information, and applications in your organization to a single portal. Because SharePoint Portal Server 2003 requires Windows SharePoint Services, all features of Windows SharePoint Services are available in SharePoint Portal Server 2003. In addition to the features of Windows SharePoint Services, SharePoint Portal Server 2003 includes the following features:

• News and topics
• My Site, with personal views and with public views
• Information that can be targeted to specific audiences
• Index functionality and search functionality across file shares, across Web servers, across Microsoft Exchange Public Folders, across Lotus Notes, and across Windows SharePoint Services sites  
• Single sign-on functionality for enterprise application integration
• Integration with Microsoft BizTalk Server


for more informations , see;en-us;830320



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