How to install Windows Sharepoint Services 2.0 on W2003 server

I did it this morning at Guidance on a vpc :

0°Download WSS sp1 from
1°uninstall the frontpage extension 2002:
Step 1 Menu “Administrative Tools-Sharepoint Administrator”, you’ll reach the FontPage Server Extension 2002” site.
Add the site in the security zone
Step 2 In the virtual Server section click on “Administration”, you’ll reach the Virtual Server Administration page.
Step 3 Click on “Uninstall FrontPage Server Extensions 2002 “
Step 4 For the option “Full Uninstall”: select “Yes”.
Step 5 Restart IIS by typing :  iisreset /noforce ServerName
2°install WSS by launching “stsv2.exe”.
If you get the message indicating that your version of asp is too old :
Move to the following directory: C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322> in a console and type “aspnet_regiis –I”
In the IIS console, go to “web services extensions” and allow
In the installation Wizzard, select a “typical installation”.

The setup  creates 2 default a WSS virtual servers:

A first mapped by default on the default Web Site (which uses the 80 port)
A second for the Sharepoint Administration site (which uses a randomly selected port).

If you type http://<servername> in the browser, you reach de root WSS site.
If you click on “Sharepoint Administration” in the “Administrative tools Menu”, you’ll reach the WSS administration page and you’ll notice the selected port in the browser address bar.


Hope this helps somebody



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