alongside WSS

(another problem this afternoon)
When WSS is installed with the default settings, all the http requests are redirected  to the default IIS 6 Web Site (and WSS virtual server).
If you have to an existing application and you want to use it alongside IIS, you have to :
1° exclude its path from WSS, otherwise the WSS handler will handle it;
2° change the application web.config as specified in the following knowledge base :;EN-US;828810&FR=1
If you want to install a new application on the same computer:
1°since Visual 2003 still needs the Frontpage extensions , and since these extensions have been removed for the default web site (default sharepoint virtual server) it’s better to create another Web Site in IIS6 which allows the frontpage extensions; of course, this Web Site will be listening to another port number.
2°So create this new web site in IIS6 : in the  IIS6 console, right click on “Web Site”,”new Web Site”,select a directory on you hard drive and the http port (ex 81)
Now, you can create your projet by specifying the port number  ex http://myServer:81/MySite.
3°You can store your ASP.Net application in the _layouts virtual directory
4°You can exclude a virtual directory from the virtual server and store your projet in this excluded directory:
 go to the WSS central administration page, in  the "Virtual Server Configuration" area, select "Configure virtual server settings", select your virtual server, and  click on "Define Managed Paths";type the excluded site.

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