Enterprise Library 1.0 , COmega, DataTierGenerator, …

I’ve been working today with Microsoft Enterprise Library 1.0. (Entlib)

The data application block 2.0 (DAB)  didn’t impress me a lot, but in many situations it’s better and more productive than working with plain ADO.Net; The DAB 2.0 can handle different databases and can easily be extended; the configuration string management is nice (with encryption); I still have to test Typed DataSet with Entlib + others blocks.

Also tested today was "DataTierGenerator"  (http://www.gotdotnet.com/workspaces/workspace.aspx?id=ec008788-3ad7-4d70-8c09-f496853e15c3) which is a quite simple tool that generates SQL scripts and DAB 2.0 code and is based on the TableDataGateway pattern  (Fowler, again; http://patternshare.org/default.aspx/Home.MF.TableDataGateway) .

What I don’t like in DataTierGenerator is the Update & Insert ssql scripts which force you to fill in all the fields of the table (they shoud enhance the scripts with a "isreallynull" parameter like Pascal Belaud , a french MS employee with its "olymars" generator for sql server http://blogs.msdn.com/olymars/).

I’m still not very impressed because I really think Object Relational Mapper is the way to go (MS objectspace or nhibernate); or very interesting: COMEGA which is a programming language created by Microsoft Research by augmenting C# with constructs to make it better at processing information, such as XML and relational data.





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